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Maine Wong Joins Holistic Asset Management

Jun 24, 2021

Holistic Asset Management (HolisticAM) is happy to welcome Maine Wong to our team as a Reliability Engineering Functional Lead. Maine will be responsible for providing Reliability and Asset Management solutions for clients, and strategic leadership within the Reliability Functional team. 

Maine’s big passion is showcasing leadership and creative engineering solutions with big data analytics and insights. Early in his career, he was able to explore the power generation and mining industries while being mentored in a team for safety culture and mindset. His time in the energy sector has enabled him to provide technical and system reliability analysis, which drove him to enhance his technical background and obtain a Master’s degree in Energy Systems. His fascination in aviation had led him to work in three airline companies’ as he further his career overtime. With over 11 years of significant experience across the aviation, energy, mining and heavy industries, Maine has championed stakeholders’ expectations with his expertise in python programming and many other engineering reliability program implementations. 

In modern technological era, collecting and accessing big data is much easier and more efficient. Furthermore, a good quality of appropriate big data will transform into technical and financial insight and is the key to make the most cost-effective reliability decision.

Maine Wong

- Reliability Engineering Functional Lead, Holistic Asset Management

You never know what new knowledge you will gain and learn unless you step out and explore.  Maine said. “To be good and recognisable leader while sharing my knowledgeable and experience with others…  

Maine is passionate about solving complex problems with big data analytics and also has relevant people skills. “I have used python programming language to implement the in-house engineering reliability program which saved over AUD $1M per year…”. At HolisticAM, Maine is currently working with relevant reliability, availability and maintainability study for multiple data centres across various countries. 

Aside from his undeniable interest in Reliability Engineering, Maine is also keen in sharing ideas and advocating thought leadership on maintenance and reliability. It is a relevant value being shared within HolisticAM’s work culture and goals. He is purpose-driven and firm in maintaining a high-standard professionalism by delivering outstanding output. He also enjoys learning new ideas and loves to engage professionally with people across different industries and cultural background. 

 Some fun facts about Maine Wong:

  • As a child, Maine has always been fascinated with how a jumbo jet could carry hundreds of people and travel around the world. 
  • Maine has travelled to 25 countries and his favorite country is Japan. 
  • Maine knows English, Cantonese and Mandarin. He is currently learning Japanese. 

Want to learn more about Maine? Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.