HolisticAM Team

Meet Hesam, Our new Asset Management Specialist

Jun 2, 2020

We are excited to announce our newest team member – Hesam Shahali – who has been joined Holistic Asset Management (HolisticAM), to strengthen our Asset Management Specialist services.
Hesam is an experienced mechanical engineer specialising in maintenance and reliability engineering with more than 8 years experience in oil & gas, petroleum, mining and manufacturing industries. In his past work experience, Hesam successfully implemented PMO and RCM projects as well as redesigns to decrease the downtime and enhance safety, reliability and sustainability.


I believe that Asset Reliability can be magnified with in-depth operating knowledge of the asset, fundamental understanding of the customer requirements, then analysing real-time KPIs and reliability data to identify opportunities for continuous improvement in the system.
Hesam Shahali

Asset Management Specialist, Holistic Asset Management

What Hesam loves about his career is that it motivates him to always keep versatile and reinvent himself in the workplace. “I am passionate about providing insights into my areas of expertise, leveraging engineering skills and applied science to solve the problem in multidisciplinary industries,” He said. 

Hesam is looking forward to applying his expertise in Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance management to the customer projects and help our clients recognise, believe, and see the real value of managing assets. 

“The most important career values for me are inclusive, integrity and professional growth,” Hesam said, “… to get the best for the clients, I will proactively engage with them in all stage of the project, maintain a strong relationship and drive the efficiency by effectively integrating technologies and innovations into the project.”

To find out more about Hesam, you can view his profile on LinkedIn.