Assets, and value realised from them, are the basis for any organisation delivering what it aims to do. Whether public or private sector, and whether the assets are physical, financial, human or ‘intangible’, it is good asset management that maximises value-for-money and satisfaction of stakeholders’ expectations.

It involves the coordinated and optimised planning, asset selection, acquisition/development, utilisation, care (maintenance) and ultimate disposal or renewal of the appropriate assets and asset systems.

Holistic Asset Management supports you to:

  • Develop the frameworks, strategies and policies to support asset management within your organisation,
  • Establish an asset management system to optimally manage assets,
  • Implement, maintain and improve an asset management system,
  • Comply with asset management policy and/or prescribed strategy and legislation, and
  • Seek certification or to make self-declaration of compliance.

Holistic Asset Management utilises the ISO55000 framework in the development of asset management strategies to support organisations across multiple industries. Our experience also extends to the Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) for Victorian Government agencies where we can provide significant specific support and direction.