Why Use Apollo RCA?

How Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ stacks up against other popular RCA methodologies.

Why should you use Apollo RCA for root cause analysis?

There are various different methodologies that can be used for incident investigation. Many of these are able to effectively address the root cause – of simple problems.

Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology is able to simplify complex failures and incidents by practically breaking the problem down into a cause-and-effect model.

There are many reasons that Apollo RCA is quickly becoming universally recognised as the most effective incident investigation tool, the main ones being:

Apollo RCA comprehensively identifies and analyses all possible causes of an incident.

Apollo is one of the only methodologies that actively acknowledges that there can be multiple root causes to a problem – and investigates them.

One of the best ways to waste time is to argue about what the problem is.

The Apollo Methodology relies on facilitating discussions between all parties involved. Without placing blame, it then ensures that the process does not progress until a common reality is created and agreed upon.

Apollo Root Cause Analysis is the only methodology that actively focuses on the solution to the problem.

After investigating all potential causes to the problem, Apollo RCA is able to identify the core issue by examining which solution is going to be the most effective and straightforward to implement.

This saves time and money and ensures that the identified solution will be put into place – minimising the recurrence of failures.

Apollo RCA is supported by intuitive software, allowing for streamlined use.

RCPro® was designed to support the methodology and is the world’s most effective problem-solving software.

It guides you to create a comprehensive cause-and-effect diagram (complimenting stage 2 of the Apollo RCM process), that is easy to read and understand – even to those who were not present during the facilitation session.

The software is highly integrative and produces incident reports, streamlining stakeholder management and delivering more effective results.

The Holistic Asset Management Difference

RC Pro® comes complimentary with all Holistic AM Apollo RCA packages.

How does Apollo Root Cause Analysis compare against other Root Cause Analysis techniques?

An important thing to note is that Apollo RCA is in fact a methodology, not simply a tool. A tool is limited in use – whereas a methodology is a multi-step, comprehensive process that has a wide range of uses.

Here you can see a comparison chart of various tools and methodologies that are widely used, and how they compare to Apollo Root Cause Analysis :

Apollo Root Cause Analysis vs 5 Why's

Why should you upskill your team in the Apollo RCA methodology?

Similar to work experience placements, sometimes knowing and understanding the theory and actually utilising the methodology in a real life application can be very different.

Throughout the training with HolisticAM, you will go through multiple facilitations of Apollo RCA sessions, learning exactly how to apply the methodology to your business.