Who We Are?

Holistic Asset Management commenced operation in 2016 and provides specialist services in Asset Management, Reliability Engineering and Maintenance Management. Headquartered in Melbourne.

Why We Do Our Business?

Many organisations consider managing assets as a business cost, rather than a value-added activity. We know this is not true: the level of maturity of asset management processes and systems usually determines the level of performance and the value that these assets are adding to the bottom line.
Dave Alexander

Managing Director, Holistic Asset Management

We believe that managing assets can bring great value contribution to an organisation’s success.

We have witnessed many organisations facing asset issues in their operation process. They are from various industries, but the problems they have are quite similar. We know how to solve these frustrations, and most importantly, we know the numerous benefits behind it.  

We are passionate about asset management; we understand it, we get it. We believe the value from effective asset management will not only benefit throughout the asset lifecycle, but also contribute to the entire organisation. We hope to help organisations recognise, believe, and see the real value of managing assets through on-the-job training and the resulting business outcome. 

How We Do Our Business?

Our philosophy and methodology involves seamless integration with your business processes, working alongside your organisations’ teams and identifying value-adding opportunities to improve asset performance. We hold ourselves accountable for delivery and the realising of value from the improvement opportunities that we work with.

|| Our USP ||

Highly Efficient & Flexible

We are structured to accommodate all requests of any size or complexity, from short telephone consultations to long term engagement of SME resources, to ensure our clients obtain the required value from their assets.

Global Resources

With direct access to all of ReliaSoft’s global resources, expertise and contacts, HolisticAM is able to facilitate the practical application of reliability in maintenance, asset management, product development and support.

Professional Asset & Reliability Services

HolisticAM team has combined expertise in almost all areas of reliability engineering, asset management, and maintenance management with hands on experience that spans a broad spectrum of product types.

HolisticAM and ReliaSoft

HolisticAM is the licensed distributor for ReliaSoft® reliability software in Australia and New Zealand. 

We provide reliability education to engineering and technical professionals. Our results-oriented training solutions (and mentoring) focus on methodologies and software tools that can be employed to improve asset management processes (reliability, maintenance, performance and capability) and balance cost, performance and risk. 

Holistic Asset Management Capabilities Brochure

Feel free to download our capabilities brochure to know more about HolisticAM’s services.