Asset Management

Our Asset Management Service applies engineering processes, logic, and a framework to the ownership of physical assets to achieve the desired outcomes of your organisation.

Assets and the value realised from them are the basis for any organisation delivering what it aims to do. 

Asset Management involves the coordinated and optimised planning, asset selection, acquisition/ development, utilisation, care (maintenance) and ultimate disposal or renewal of the appropriate assets and asset systems.

Do you need:

  • An Alignment Assessment of your current practices and the requirements of ISO 55000?
  • Support in mapping out your organisation’s asset management system (AMS) framework?
  • Help to develop your Asset management implementation roadmap?
  • Guidance and support to build your asset management documents, processes or procedures?

HolisticAM Supports You To:

  • Develop the frameworks, strategies and policies to support asset management within your organisation,
  • Establish an AMS to optimally manage assets,
  • Implement, maintain and improve an AMS,
  • Comply with asset management policy and/or prescribed strategy and legislation, and
  • Seek certification or to make self-declaration of compliance.

Whether the public or private sector, and whether the assets are physical, financial, human or ‘intangible’, HolisticAM ensures that your organisation has good asset management that maximises value-for-money and satisfaction of stakeholders’ expectations.

Asset Management Service We Provide

Asset Management Plan (AMP)

  • Do you know how to achieve the organisation’s asset management objectives?
  • Do you know what operational activities, resources and timescales required for an individual asset, or a group of assets?
  • Do you know how to establish the asset management practices for each asset class cross its life cycle?

AMP forms the cornerstone of an effective asset management system. The ISO 55000 series of standards for asset management clearly defines the importance of AMPs.

HolisticAM can help your organisation to develop AMP to provide the roadmap for achieving value from physical assets by optimising cost, risk and performance across the asset life cycle. We can provide expert support to define AMP implementation activities necessary to realise your organisation’s asset management objectives which translate the strategic intent of the company.

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Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)

  • Do you know what your organisational objectives are?
  • Do you know what are your stakeholder objectives (stakeholder wants and needs)?
  • Do you know how your organisational objectives are converted into asset management objectives?
  • Do you have an approach for developing your SAMPs and are supporting your organisation’s objectives?

The SAMP has a pivotal role in the overall asset management system (AMS), it describes how organisational goals are to be converted into asset management objectives and systems.

HolisticAM can help you to develop and document your SAMP that is unique to your organisation’s needs and supporting the overall AMS.

Roadmap to ISO 55000 Alignment and Compliance

Road to ISO 55000 Compliance and Certification process is a journey and it must be starting on the right foot to work towards compliance (or alignment or certification) in Asset Management System (AMS).

Having ISO 55000 certification in Asset Management can go a long way to helping organisations and businesses with improved asset performances and compliance to ISO 55000 certification is a strong signal that a business is well-run and credible, removing the need for extensive due diligence. It signifies that asset management is taken seriously.

HolisticAM can help your organisation to start a journey to work towards ISO 55000 compliance (or alignment or certification) on the right foot with the structured approach to certify against ISO 55001 Compliant AMS.

Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF)

  • Do you know how assets should be managed across their whole life cycle to support service delivery objectives?
  • Do you face challenges in aligning your agencies, departments and organisations assets in line to requirements of AMAF?

The AMAF details both mandatory asset management requirements and guidance for government agencies, departments and organisations for managing their assets across their whole life cycle to support service delivery objectives.

Holistic AM is currently assisting a number of Victorian State Government agencies to align with the requirements of the AMAF. We can help and provide expertise to councils, agencies, departments and organisations to align with the requirements of the AMAF to manage the asset portfolios better and provide better services for Victorians.


HolisticAM has a number of courses ready for training and equipping your organisation to sustain the value of your asset management system (AMS).

We offer courses from the introductory level of asset management to technical area.

Asset Management Basics

Overview the key elements of effective AMS and how to apply these day to day in your organisation.

Developing a Sustainable Asset Management culture

Look at the fundamentals of asset management (leader & culture, Value, Alignment, Assurance) and workshopping real-life examples of for your organisation.

Asset Management for Executive Leadership and Key Decision Makers

Explore how to coordinate the strategic, tactical and operational levels of asset management in your organisation and develop compelling business cases for asset management improvements to key decision-makers in your organisation.

Technical Courses on Key Asset Management Elements/Processes
  • Maintenance Readiness optimisation
  • Reliability-centred Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance and work management

Asset Management Maturity Assessment

Whether you are starting out on your asset management journey or looking to optimise or innovate the way your organisation, an Asset Management Maturity Assessment is key to achieving your goal.

Our asset management maturity assessment can be benchmarked to your requirements or obligations such as:

  • ISO 55001
  • AMAF (Victorian Government Dept. Treasury and Finance)
  • GFMAM Asset Management Landscape 39 Articles
  • Asset Management Council Capability Framework

Following the Assessment, we will provide you with an executive leadership level report that:

  • Identifies the level of asset management maturity in the organisation
  • How well you are aligned to your obligations or requirements
  • An action plan to increase maturity with agreed goal parameters such as:
    • Short / Medium / Long term goals
    • Low / Medium /high priority
    • Graphical summaries of maturity


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