Master Data Management

We provide specialised support to create and improve your asset master data to deliver the efficient maintenance program that all businesses require. Our services will enable efficient maintenance planning & scheduling, cost and budget management, materials management & overall business performance. 

Why is Your Master Data Important?

Having the correct information easily accessible improves workforce efficiency and business operations. Specifically, within the maintenance function of asset intense industries, having clean and accurate Master Data is absolutely essential to manage a proactive maintenance program. Without effective master data management and the governance to keep it aligned to your data standards, critical statutory & preventative maintenance task can be missed. This may lead to increased safety risk to your people, increased breakdowns and ultimately loss of asset performance and revenue. 

Does Your Business Have Any of the Following Questions?

  • How do we make a transition from managing our maintenance in a spreadsheet to using a dedicated CMMS system?
  • Why are we experiencing an increase in equipment failure?
  • What spares should we hold to prevent unnecessary downtime?
  • Where do we start with a data build for our recently purchased new assets?
  • Why are my maintenance costs increasing every month?
  • How come my Maintenance Planners & Schedulers never have any time?

If any of these questions sound familiar your business could benefit from our Master Data Management Service. We can assist you in master data improvement to help your business solve these problems, achieving a more efficient and cost-effective business process.

We are ready to help!

Our experience in Master Data Management covers various industries and platforms. If you want to discuss your projects or need any help, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

Why You Should Choose HolisticAM for Master Data Management Service? 

Freeing Up Internal Employee Time 

Since time and personnel constraints are becoming more common, organisations are now leaning towards having their Master Data analysed and improved out of the house. HolisticAM’s dedicated Master Data team can take on your data projects so that your people can concentrate on their core tasks. 

Saving on Travel & Accommodation Costs 

The benefits of choosing HolisticAM’s Master Data Management Service include the option of having the work completed remotely, which saves unnecessary travel & accommodation costs. 

Extensive Maintenance Knowledge across a Variety of Industries 

HolisticAM’s Master Data experts have worked across a broad range of industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence Force & Facilities Maintenance just to name a few. Our extensive maintenance data management knowledge and experience enable us to help your organisation have more efficient maintenance planning, budget and cost management, material management and overall business processes.

Featured Projects that Implemented Master Data Management


The client had just implemented a new fleet of underground trucks and loaders to extend mine life beyond 2030. Because of the importance of mobile equipment performance on production, the client required a review of the master data of their assets.


HolisticAM reviewed and assessed the site asset master data within the client’s SAP EAM, which then led to improvement work to ensure effective maintenance plans, tasks and BOM master data was constructed in alignment with the client’s Master Data Standards and providing the effective strategies to maintain the assets in a safe and reliable state.


The client’s BoM lists were incomplete due to the non-conversion of legacy Pronto data, poor completion of projects, and lack of resources available to collate the data required to build the BoM lists in SAP. As a result, they required a review of the completeness of the site BoM master data within its SAP.


HolisticAM engaged with key stakeholders across the maintenance and reliability teams. We reviewed, assessed and optimised the completeness of the site Bill of Materials (BoM) master data within its SAP to improve the client’s spare parts inventory.