Renewable Energy Sector

Effective Renewable Infrastructure

Effective and efficient asset management is essential for maintaining reliability and being a successful network operator. During the long operational phase, renewable energy assets need professional management to ensure optimal operation while retaining a high asset value. However, carrying the necessary expertise in-house is not always viable. Wind, Solar or Hydro….

Reliability Assurance Programme

A reliability assurance programme (RAP) is a formal management system which assures the collection of important characteristic information about plant performance throughout each phase of its life, and directs the use of this information in the implementation of analytical and management processes which are specifically designed to meet two specific objectives:

  1. Confirm that the plant is expected to meet, or continues to meet, each of the performance goals assigned to it by its designer, constructor, owner/operator and regulator.
  2. Guide the search and implementation process for cost effective improvements to the plant to either enhance production or to reduce risk.