Utilities Sector

HolisticAM ensures utility companies effective asset management to maximise your organisation’s value.

Effective Asset Management for Water and Power Infrastructure

Renewing and replacing the nation’s public water infrastructure is an ongoing task. Asset management services offered by HolisticAM can help a utility maximise the value of its capital as well as its operations and maintenance dollars.

HolisticAM provides utility managers and decision-makers with critical information on capital assets and the timing of investments. Some key steps for asset management are making an inventory of critical assets, evaluating their condition and performance, and developing plans to maintain, repair, and replace assets and to fund these activities.

Asset Management Services

  • HalfDay and FullDay Briefings on ISO 55000 Implementation
  • Preliminary Assessments
  • Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) Development
  • Asset Management Plan (AMP) Development
  • Roadmap to ISO 55000 Certification
  • Guided SelfAssessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • ISO 55000 Audit Preparation and Readiness Assessments
  • Change Management Support and Direction