Snowy Hydro Asset Management Plans & Dashboards

Industry: Utilities Sector

Services Required: Asset ManagementAsset Management Plan

Location: Cooma, NSW, Australia

Year: 2017

Project Overview

Snowy Hydro Limited is an electricity generation and retailing company in Australia that owns, manages, and maintains the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme which consists of nine hydro-electric power stations and sixteen large dams connected by 145 kilometres (90 mi) of tunnels and 80 kilometres (50 mi) of aqueducts located mainly in the Kosciuszko National Park. The objectives of this project were to review and develop asset management plans and dashboards for power generation assets across the Snowy Hydro business.

Scope of Work

Snowy Hydro engaged Holistic Asset Management to provide asset management support and to develop new asset management plans across power generation asset classes at all Snowy Hydro locations.

HolisticAM worked with both Snowy Hydro staff and several contractor groups engaged across the business and customers to ensure all stakeholder needs where identified and considered during the development of the new asset management plans.

HolisticAM mobilised 1 senior asset management consultant to conduct the development program that required:

  • Background reading, analysis and site visits to appreciate asset base,
  • Facilitation of workshops and meetings,
  • Information and data collation from various locations and sources,
  • Development and production of draft asset management plans,
  • Internal publishing of feedback and response to new plans, and
  • Attendance of consultation sessions with internal stakeholders and customers.

Working across all Snowy Hydro asset sites enabled a first-hand view of different generation assets and the unique asset management and operation requirements of each.

Key Deliverables Included:

  • Review generation unit documentation,
  • Compile a combined asset health score matrix,
  • Successfully facilitate workshops across all operational locations,
  • Develop asset management plan framework,
  • Develop and populate all Asset Management Plan templates, and
  • Detailed closeout report providing project insights and areas for continued effort and improvement.

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