Optimisation of Maintenance Master Data in SAP and Work Management System at MMG 

Industry: Mining Sector

Services RequiredMaintenance ManagementMaintenance Master Data Management

Location:Rosebery, Tasmania

Year: 2019

Holistic Asset Management (HolisticAM) partnered with a mining company – MMG – to provide maintenance master data optimisation services. The objective of this project was to review, assess and improve the completeness of the site SAP maintenance master data and associated work management processes and system to support.

HolisticAM mobilised a specialist SAP asset management consultant, who offered professional maintenance support onsite and remotely. The flexibility of service ensured the project was delivered on time and within budget.


MMG Rosebery is an underground polymetallic base metal mine located in the township of Rosebery in Tasmania. The operation is located approximately 300 kilometres north-west of Hobart and 125 kilometres south of Burnie. It has operated continuously since 1936.

THE CHALLENGE – Master Data Review Needed

MMG had just implemented a new fleet of underground trucks and loaders to extend mine life beyond 2023. Because of the importance of mobile equipment, MMG faced the following challenges: 

  • New equipment was needed;
  • A lack of effective maintenance plans, including task lists and bill of materials (BOM);
  • Resources shortage.

As a result, MMG required a review of the master data of their assets.

THE SOLUTION – Maintenance Master Data Management

HolisticAM offered two primary maintenance management services in this project: 1) Work Management Process Design and Standards, 2) Maintenance Master Data Design and Configuration

A specialist SAP asset management consultant reviewed and assessed the site asset master data within the MMG SAP EAM, which then led to improvement work to ensure effective maintenance plans, tasks and BOM master data was constructed in alignment with the MMG Master Data Standards and providing the effective strategies to maintain the assets in a safe and reliable state.

The required assessment includes:

  • Review all mobile equipment strategies;
  • Review and analyse plant electrical master data (maintenance strategies, task lists, Bom’s, etc);
  • Review and analyse SAP transactional data;
  • Verify and review equipment strategy deployment;
  • Provide Work Management System & Process review and education;
  • Conduct Master Data Creation & Cleansing.


HolisticAM was able to successfully engage with key stakeholders across the maintenance and reliability teams. We provided a thorough review of the asset master data state and aligned with business needs.

Key deliverables included:

  • Summary document outlining key findings of analysis;
  • Identification and deployment of improved work management processes;
  • Upload of master data changes into SAP CMMS;
  • Recommendations for further improvement across all areas of master data across site including the processing plant;
  • Roadmap to deliver further improvement recommendations;
  • Construction of master data that aligned with the standards.

    “The work that you have just uploaded is outstanding and allows us the opportunity to start to tap into some of the functionality in SAP. We really appreciate the effort… I am keen to keep progressing with this work for other equipment categories.”

    Matthew Orton

    Maintenance Superintendent, Rosebery, MMG

    Added Value

    In this project, HolisticAM created added benefits for MMG. There was a significant cost saving for the client because of the flexibility of our services. 

    Once the initial onsite review was completed, the consultant finished the remaining works of this project remotely from Melbourne. The consultant worked closely with the MMG maintenance team using phone, email and video technology to ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget.

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