Optimising Fixed Plant Maintenance Strategy for a Mining Company 

Industry: Mining Sector

Services RequiredMaintenance Management – Maintenance Strategy Optimisation

Location: Western Province, Papua New Guinea 

Year: 2017-2018

Holistic Asset Management (HolisticAM) worked with a mining company to provide maintenance strategy optimisation services. The objective of this project was to review and improve their current fixed plant planned maintenance strategies to enable delivery of current and future production forecasts. 

HolisticAM mobilised senior asset management consultants from July 2017 through to July 2018, who provided the resources and leadership to support the production objectives of the processing plant.


The client was requiring to improve their asset availability for the copper processing plant. They needed a review of identifying critical equipment, which required a thorough planned maintenance strategy optimisation. 


HolisticAM worked with the mining client to identify and prioritise critical asset classes and processing systems to ensure ‘show stopping’ asset strategies were addressed as a priority. 

From July 2017 through to July 2018, HolisticAM’s senior asset management consultants conducted the improvement program included: 

  • Develop project plans and critical pathways; 
  • Develop draft work management processes and master data standards; 
  • Identify, locate and verifasset equipment and develop a detailed equipment hierarchy; 
  • Review, optimise and create critical equipment strategies by using FMECA methodologies; 
  • Review, modify and create BOM’s for critical assets; 
  • Deliver introductory reliability and change management training, and 
  • Create SAP® master data load sheets for PRT’s, task lists, maintenance items, maintenance plans and bills of material.


Over the period spent at site, HolisticAM was able to successfully engage with engineering, maintenance, reliability, operations and senior management employees to provide a thoroughly reviewed planned maintenance strategy on critical assets within the processing plant.  

Key deliverables included:

  • Maintenance strategies for critical assets optimised and developed using FMECA methodologies, 
  • FMECA libraries of common asset classes and variances discovered within the plant, 
  • Detailed equipment structure for critical assets, 
  • Grouped and resourced maintenance tasks, 
  • Maintenance strategy task documents (PRT’s), 
  • SAP® load sheets, 
  • Before and after reviews of maintenance work orders and resourcing requirements, 
  • Summary reports detailing changes to critical maintenance strategies, and 
  • Detailed closeout report providing project insights and areas for continued effort and improvement. 


Added Value

In this project, HolisticAM not only provided the client with professional services but also transferred knowledge onto the onsite reliability engineers on the process of maintenance strategy development and optimisation.  

We worked closely with a workforce who are continually striving to improve and increase their knowledge of maintenance improvement methods. Our involvement enabled the creation of effective teams motivated by a common goal to reach the forecast production targets and availability KPI’s.  

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