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Improve Your Asset Reliability and Performance

Whether you need some support to meet your goals, a complete reliability program or something in between, our asset management consulting services can assist .

Support You Deserve 

Recognise, believe, and see the real value of managing assets.

Our Asset Management and Reliability Specialists offer a powerful combination of industry expertise, subject matter mastery and dedication to delivering excellence for our clients, stakeholders and each other. 

Combine this with the application of the ReliaSoft software, (inclusive of sales, training and direct access to ReliaSoft’s global resources) we ensure any project has the resources for success.

Our Professional Service

You can rely on our effective and economical solutions if your organisation does not have sufficient time, expertise or resources inhouse to accomplish specific reliability goals.

Asset Management

Apply engineering processes, logic, and a framework to the ownership of physical assets to maximise value-for-money and satisfaction of stakeholders’ expectations.

Reliability Engineering

Apply processes, techniques, and assessments to ensure the asset will deliver the level of performance throughout the life cycle based on the organisations’ objectives and requirements.

Maintenance Management

Apply activities and processes which coordinate, direct, and execute the functions that maintain assets to ensure operational availability in a safe, efficient and reliable state.

Data Analytics

Apply best-in-class predictive methodologies and technologies to help organisations make better decisions based on the expected performance of the assets.

Embedded Learning

Provide reliability professionals with motivated and result-oriented training, helping build their competencies and confidence to apply the knowledge within their job.

How we assist you

We are structured to accommodate all requests of any size or complexity, from a short phone consultation to multiple experts at your site for an extended period of time.

Industries We Work In

HolisticAM provides asset management consulting services in various industry. We have delivered solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.
Oil & Gas

Industries We Work In

HolisticAM provides asset management consulting services in various industry. We have delivered solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Manufacturing (Coming soon)

Holistic Asset Management is the ReliaSoft Software reseller in Australia and New Zealand.

These expert analysis tools are benchmarks in the reliability industry and are widely used in various industry sectors to facilitate the practical application of reliability in maintenance, asset management, product development and after sales.


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Maine Wong Joins Holistic Asset Management

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HolisticAM Launches Reliability YouTube Channel

HolisticAM Launches Reliability YouTube Channel

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Dave Kauppila Joins HolisticAM!

Dave Kauppila Joins HolisticAM!

As a Senior Reliability Engineering Specialist, Dave will be responsible for providing strategic direction, technical services and reliability training to our local and international clients.