Rail Sector

HolisticAM promises that our clients are benefited to save cost and time, reduce risks, increase efficiency, and maximise sustainable outcomes with our highly skilled and motivated project teams.

Experts in Critical and Complex Railway Systems

Holistic Asset Management offers a broad range of experts in the application of EN 50126 and Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) best practice into rolling stock design and delivery in the rail industry. We also have expertise in the packing and balancing of maintenance regimes to maximise availability and optimise the effectiveness of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance interventions.

We help organisations to effectively integrate System Assurance process progressively as per the customer requirements in line with the relevant International Standards: EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and EN 50121.

We help out client to achieve technical performance along with the operational performance by effectively managing RAM and Safety activities across the project lifecycle.

We carry out RAM & Safety studies using our ReliaSoft suite of Reliability Engineering tools and industry-accepted standards.

RAM Assurance Services

  • RAM Assurance Plan
  • RAM Analysis Report
  • Subsystem Breakdown Structure
  • RBD Analysis
  • FMEA/FMECA Analysis
  • FTA Analysis
  • RCM Analysis
  • RAM Demonstration Plan
  • Asset Maintenance Strategy
  • Recommended Spare Parts & Special Tool
  • RAM Demonstration Report
  • FRACAS Data Analysis
  • Software /Hardware Verification & Validation