Maintenance Plan Development

Our approach to maintenance plan development helps you deploy preventive maintenance strategies to effectively and efficiently manage your assets.

What is Maintenance Plan Development?

As ISO 55000:2014 states, organisations need to effectively control and governance of assets to balance their cost, risk, and overall performance. To realise the real value through managing risk and opportunities, a well-developed predictive and preventive maintenance plan enables organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their physical assets and personnel.

Maintenance Plan Development is to select the optimum maintenance strategy which will ultimately extend the asset life, reducing asset failures and downtime, minimising repair costs and providing a safer workplace. It can benefit organisations at either EPC stage (when new assets are designed and built) or throughout the operation and maintenance stage.  

Do any of the following statements resonate within your organisation?

  • “Our organisation is having reliability issues and unplanned failures…”
  • “We need to have overall Life Cycle Cost Models and Performance Information…”
  • “We find it difficult to reduce the cost of spare part and replacement…”
  • “We want to evaluate our maintenance performance and assess the efficiency of maintenance expenditure…”
  • “Our preventive maintenance plan does not meet the needs of our facility in the current circumstances…”

If any of these statements sound familiar your business could benefit from maintenance plan development. We can assist you in revitalising your organisation’s preventive maintenance planning process to manage your assets in a systematical and data-driven way.

engineer maintenance plan development

How is Maintenance Plan Development achieved in your organisation 

Our methods allow organisations to develop a comprehensive maintenance strategy inclusive of predictive and corrective preventive maintenance plans that are adaptable to their unique circumstances. You can start the build from a blank page or have a fast and streamlined start by using our current models.

Our Methodologies

The methodologies we utilise to help organisations obtain the right data and work on the most critical assets first.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Understand your failure modes and build a living program to optimse your maintenance strategies to prevent failures from reoccurring, with a high level of assurance. 

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Equip your organisation for best-practice RCM to improve asset reliability and performance, with an acceptable level of risk, in a cost-effective manner.

Maintenance Plan Optimisation (MPO)

Provide your organisation with a reusable digital twin model to value-adding maintenance strategies through the use of data-driven analytics.

We are ready to help!

Our experience in Maintenance Plan Development covers various industries. If you want to discuss your projects or need any help, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

Why You Should Choose HolisticAM for Maintenance Plan Development Service? 

Extensive RCM / FMEA Library

HolisticAM is experienced in developing preventive maintenance strategies with application of FMEA and RCM practices. Our extensive RCM / FMEA Library lists thousands of components with known functions and failure modes. This enables us to offer a streamlined process for your maintenance plan development, which allows for rapid implementation of your reliability initiatives. 

Digitalisation of Maintenance Work Instructions and ERP Master Data Load Sheets

Through customer-defined work order categorisation rules, high quality work instructions and inspection sheets that are created in a structured and sequenced execution route. This ensures that all work is performed efficiently and safely.

Long-term Maintenance Improvement Focus

HolisticAM focuses on increasing maintenance maturity and delivering sustainable value to our clients. We articulate the embedment and business buy in, and effectively involve the entire organisation to ensure target KPIs are achieved. Meanwhile, we provide education of RCM and FMEA / FMECA processes to build your Reliablity Engineer  / Maintenance Planner personnel’s capabilities to gain a long-term success of maintenance improvement.

ReliaSoft software for simplicity, speed and replication

At HolisticAM, we use ReliaSoft RCM++ software to facilitate the RCM analysis approach for creating effective scheduled maintenance plans, which is an important aspect of an effective asset management program.

RCM++ supports the major published standards and also offers extensive configuration options to fit your organisation’s particular RCM analysis approach. In addition, RCM++ also provides simulations that can be used to compare maintenance strategies based on cost and availability, and a calculator to estimate the optimum replacement interval. Full-featured FMEA / FMECA functionality is also included.