P&H 4100 XPC Maintenance Strategy Optimistion

Industry: Mining Sector

Services Required: Maintenance Strategy Optimisation, FMECA

Location: Australia 

The 4100XPC shovel has been successfully used by the client to remove overburden at coal at its open cut coal mine in Australia. 

The client had identified that the shovels had not achieved their forecast availability, with numerous failures and issues associated with planning, scheduling and executing their maintenance strategy. Holistic Asset Management (HolisticAM) was engaged the mining company to undertake a holistic review their fleet of P&H 4100 XPC Electric Rope Shovels from a maintenance perspective.

The objective of this project was to understand key drivers for unavailability, identify recommendations and assist with the implementation by working closely with site and corporate key stakeholders.

The project utilised a hybrid onsite-offsite execution approach and was delivered on time and within budget. The HolisticAM team remained engaged post strategy implementation to evaluate it’s effectiveness.


Leveraging our OEM and site based experience we understand the challenges that mining companies face. The customer had a robust reporting system in place and identified that the ratio of Planned Maintenance (PM) to Corrective Maintenance (CM) was 44:56 which indicated that the maintenance was reactive rather than proactive.

The customer acknowledged that the the maintenance strategy in SAP and maintenance tactics had diverged from the Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) that had been developed when the shovel was commissioned.

The reactive nature of maintenance posed some additional challenges including:

  • Uncertainty in the quality of the preventive maintenance strategy (including planned component changeouts, condition monitoring strategy and non-destructive testing (NDT) maintenance strategy)
  • Uncertainty of the SAP Master Data used to execute the maintenance strategy


The client chose HolisticAM based on their OEM expertise, on-site experience and proven track record in optimizing maintenance strategies in the mining industry. As with all projects executed by HolisticAM, our methodical approach includes identifying the current state, identify and review opportunities for improvement and presenting these opportunities to the client for consideration.

HolisticAM worked closely with the client’s engineering, planning and maintenance execution team to undertake the following reliability engineering tasks:

  • Downtime Data Analysis to determine systems, subsystems and maintainable items that contributed to unplanned maintenance on the shovels
  • Life Data Analysis (LDA) / Weibull was undertaken to determine the Failure Characteristics, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and reliability.
  • Historical Review of strip reports from major rotable components to determine time between overhauls as a function of shovel age, life limiting factors and dominant failure modes.
  • Review of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) strategy on major components focusing on cleaning standards, NDT Methods, frequency and probability of detection.
  • Review of FMECA with key stakeholders.


HolisticAM was able to successfully engage with key stakeholders across the planning, engineering and maintnenance execution teams to provide a data driven risk based maintenance strategy.

Key deliverables included:

  • Comprehensive downtime data analysis
  • Break down of downtime data to determine contributing factors such as waiting for parts
  • LDA Weibull models for major components
  • Data driven FMECA based maintenance strategy
  • Customized service sheets arranged by machine location, trade type and frequency
  • Master Data changes to support the revised maintenance strategy

      “The professional approach and product knowledge ensured we achieved the best outcome for the business. We really appreciate the effort and look forward to continuing this relationship with HolisticAM.”

      Maintenance Manager

      Added Value

      HolisticAM remained engaged with the client to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy implementation. Over the next 6 months post strategy implementation, the client saw a dramatic turnaround the in the PM to CM Ratio. Corrective maintenance was now 37% instead of 56% of their total maintenance. This was a significant paradigm shift for the client, transforming form reactive to proactive.

      The major component planned change out hours / frequency was aligned with asset age to ensure risk of unplanned failure was minimized. The major components were treated as a repairable component rather than assuming the life is reset after changeout.

      The NDT maintenance strategy identified critical areas integral to ensuring structural integrity. Alignment of tasks at optimal intervals resulted in the client’s ability to plan, schedule and execute structural inspections and crack repair.

      HolisticAM was able to deliver this value with their engineers that have on average 20 years experience with the OEM and at a site operational level.

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