News: Dave Alexander takes on the role of Melbourne Chapter Chair at Asset Management Council

May 25, 2020

On May 18, Asset Management Council announced the 2020 Melbourne Chapter Committee, Dave Alexander, Managing Director at Holistic Asset Management, has been appointed as the new Chapter Chair to provide the Melbourne Chapter with the best and most effective support.

Asset Management Council Chapters dedicate to create a friendly and open asset management community for asset management professionals to build their network, exchange knowledge and ideas, and develop their career path. Chapters are the essential parts of the Asset Management Council that connect its members through various chapter meetings, such as discussion forums, technical sessions and seminars.

As the new Chairman of Melbourne Chapter, Dave is keen on helping pass on the knowledge to the younger Asset Management professionals. He believes that knowledge shared is knowledge squared. Asset Management Council Chapter offers a good networking opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded people,  breathing new life into our knowledge repository.

“I will build long-term knowledge continuity across the Asset Management community, prioritising knowledge sharing to help keep each AM Council member successful and thriving,” he said, “timely and consistent communication with our members is essential, I will lead the Committee to ensure our monthly Chapter meetings are value-adding and providing the foundational reason why our members joined the Asset Management Council.”

About Dave Alexander

Dave has over 30 years’ experience in delivering operational excellence in physical asset maintenance and reliability for various industries such as Mining, Transport, Water, Manufacturing, Energy throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally. He believes that effective asset management is a holistic approach to creating value from asset design to disposal, flowing from CEO to shop floor creating a clear line of sight.

As the Managing Director at Holistic Asset Management, Dave leads the team to provide clients with reliability and asset management solutions that are tailored to their unique needs, helping organisations recognise, believe, and see the real value of managing assets.

To find out more about Dave, you can view his complete profile on LinkedIn.