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Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Ray Muhammad, Asset Management Specialist at HolisticAM

Jul 6, 2020

The HolisticAM company culture and values are not just words written in a handbook. We are all passionate about our work and support each other like a family unit. Every member of our team is as important as the other.

In this employee spotlight, we are pleased to introduce Ray Muhammad, who has been with us for about six months now as our Asset Management Specialist.

Ray is an Asset Management Professional with broad experience in various manufacturing and process plants (Petrochemical plant, Oil Terminal, Oil Refinery and Offshore CPP). Within his 10 years’ experience in Maintenance Engineering and Reliability improvement, Ray has demonstrated achievement of FMECA-based RCM methodology, Maintenance Strategy Development, Maintenance Plan Optimisation on different chemical and petrol chemical facilities.

In his own time, Ray likes to take an evening stroll to get some fresh air. On weekends, he enjoys spending time with family and playing cricket to chill out himself after a busy week at work.


Asset Management is not a short term goal, it is a culture that needs to be developed in any organisation from top management to trades involved.

Ray Muhammad

Asset Management Specialist, Holistic Asset Management

The combination of teamwork and autonomy is Ray’s favourite part about working at HolisticAM.

“I really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the job, and liked seeing how all the pieces of our projects came together in the end. The teamwork aspect of the job is something that greatly appeals to me, because I typically end up learning a lot about what I’m capable of when working in sync with others.” Ray said, “Meanwhile, the flexible working hours and open doors policy is something I appreciate about HolisticAM. Employee wellbeing, health and personal development is prioritised over any other thing and a perfect work & family balance is something I feel great about.”

Ray believes that it is significant to work with a company that not only aims at delivering the quality work to the customers but also values personal growth of the employees and ongoing mentoring and development. This is also what HolisticAM always strives to achieve – we expect our team to be at the peak of their game, passionate about their work and the value they can create for our clients.

To find out more about Ray, you can view his profile on LinkedIn.