The ultimate performance and reliability of revenue-critical assets is dependent upon the quality of 3 components:

1.  Your situation

2.  Your strategy

3.  The implementation of your strategy

We can be engaged to help you in any one or combination of all 3 components depending on your requirements and internal capabilities.


Situation Analysis

Diagnostic | Health Check | Gap Analysis | Business Case

Where you are

We conduct a situation analysis to collect data, audit existing processes and prepare a comprehensive analysis pinpointing the gaps that are preventing you from reaching your intended outcomes.

We will analyse and assess your current:

  • Asset capabilities
  • Systems & processes
  • Organisational structures

We can also help you develop a strong and defensible business case for moving forward.

Strategy Roadmap

Maintenance & Reliability | Asset Integrity Plan | People, Systems & Processes

What you need to do and how

We develop a detailed roadmap that gives your organisation a clear pathway and plan to implement the required changes.

We will deliver you:

  • A pragmatic and strategic blueprint that clearly outlines the steps to be taken by who, when, how and why.
  • A detailed and actionable framework covering;
    • Process Design
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Asset manangement
    • Policies
    • Standard work procedures
    • Core competencies


Project & Change Management | Resources | System & Process Design | Training & Upskilling

Where you are


Our ongoing support ensures that you arrive at your intended outcomes:

We provide you with:

  • Project management and oversight
  • Proven change management strategies and support
  • Application selection and implementation
  • System deployment
  • Additional resources where required

Industries We Work In

HolisticAM has delivered solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Manufacturing (Coming soon)

Where to start?

The Situation Analysis

Following initial discussions, the Situation Analysis is how we start all engagements.

The Situation Analysis workshop, that typically runs for 2-3 hours, commences with an educational session about our view of the asset management world that spans industries and organisations from the immature (super green) to cutting edge. We’ll also discuss in broad terms projects we’ve undertaken with organisations similar to your own.

We will then dig into the following at an organisational level:

  • Your current approach to asset management and readiness for improvement
  • Any current improvement programs or recent past initiatives
  • Your current systems, processes and their effectiveness
  • Your resources and capability to support any improvements

We then ask for you to provide a sample of data from one or a class of assets

On completion, we will provide you with a high-level 3-4-page Situation Analysis that aligns your current asset management practices with your organisational objectives and outlines the short and longer-term steps you need to take to ensure those objectives can be met and sustained (at the minimum).

The only provisos for this workshop are:

Your organisations decision makers and key stakeholders are present – we value your time as much as our own!

If you’d like more information or would like to undertake a Situation Analysis Workshop, please complete the form and I’ll be in contact shortly.

To book your workshop call us on
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