Reliability Engineering

The reliability of your assets is rarely dependant on one thing. More typically it is a range of activities and competencies that ensures that assets can run reliably and incident free.

Assurance in Reliability Engineering

We work in partnership with customers to plan and manage Asset Improvement programs, apply FMEA processes, FRACAS and root cause analysis, create maintenance plans and implement Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), perform functional hazard analysis, and the management of risks.

Our systems for certification and verification address growing demand for enhanced understanding of reliability and safety, and the management of risks.

RAM Assurance Services

  • RAM Assurance Plan
  • RAM Analysis Report
  • Subsystem Breakdown Structure
  • RBD Analysis
  • FMEA/FMECA/ FTA/ RCM Analysis
  • RAM Demonstration Plan
  • Asset Maintenance Strategy
  • Recommended Spare Parts & Special Tool
  • RAM Demonstration Report
  • FRACAS Data Analysis
  • Software /Hardware Verification & Validation

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