Maintenance Management is all about managing the collection of activities which coordinate, direct, and track the functions that maintain equipment, tools and related assets to ensure production availability and to enable scheduling for planned, preventive, proactive or reactive maintenance.

The basic components of sound maintenance management should always include:

  • Work identification and control
  • Job planning
  • Work order scheduling
  • Preventive/predictive optimization
  • Materials coordination
  • Scheduled outage/shutdown coordination

How these components look and function within your organisation is something that we’ve been helping organisations achieve for years.

Many organisations get too caught up on lifecycle management, i.e. asset risk management, operational planning and capital investment planning. Unfortunately, this has been to the detriment of asset management strategic planning and leadership.

Understanding how to balance each of these important and interrelated areas without compromising or undermining the other will ensure a ‘smoother’ asset management journey and improved asset and resource performance.